The World of Emerill

The World of Emerill is a sprawling landscape that consists of one major continent, several small islands to the northwest, and one large island in the southwest. Emerill is often commonly used as the name to describe the main continental landmass.

Emerill contains many different countries, kingdoms, empires, peoples, and races. The main population consists largely of humans, with major centers also for the Elves, Dwarves, Dragonborn, Minotaurs, Orcs, and scattered areas for Goblins and Kobolds. Halflings, Gnomes, Half-Elves, and Eladrin tend to be wanderers, whereas Tieflings, Fey, and other races are not present in any large numbers. Giants and Ogres tend to mainly form small tribes, and not much is known or documented about underground races like Drow, Deep Gnomes, and Mind Flayers.

Recent History of Emerill

See: The 15-Year War

Geography of Emerill

Due to the events of The Seperation, the current political and rulership situation on the mainland continent of Emerill is a bit of a mystery to the people of Avalon. However major geographic centers are not likely to have changed, and thus a rough idea of the makeup of the land can be presented here.

The Island-Nation of Avalon is known to be off the southwest coast of Emerill, having been ripped from the mainland and placed there during the magical Seperation. See Avalon for more details.

The Dragonhome Mountains are located in the western lands and slightly towards the north. They are the ancestral home of the Dragonborn, which they believe is where they were created by all the races of dragons in a moment of unity. Whether this is even remotely true or not is something that is fiercely debated by scholars… unless there are any Dragonborn around. They… tend to get touchy about that sort of thing.

Minotaurus is a small collection of islands to the north and a bit to the west off the coast of the Dragonhome Mountains. The minotaur race lives there, mostly in seclusion, though that hasn’t always been the case.

Malthas is a land in the far northeastern corner of the world, and alternates between swampy, rocky, and volcanic lands. It is commonly populated by the more aggressive humanoid and goblinoid species, and therefore not much is known about it as few have reason to venture there, and even fewer survive if they do.

Legend says that Emerill was named long ago after a massive Emerald Stone that was located at the exact center of the continent. According to the stories, the stone mysteriously vanished many generations ago, and hasn’t been seen since. Many people doubt that this stone ever really existed at all, and believe it to be nothing but a silly bard rumour to come up with a fancy romantic story for the continent’s name.

Southern Elven Forest.

Dwarven/Human Fortress.

Dust Plains.

The World of Emerill

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