The Seperation

The Seperation refers to an event that forever changed the Kingdom of Avalon.

Formerly, the country used to occupy part of the main continental landmass in the southwestern area. 15 years ago, the Red-Eyed Warlord appeared in the lands of Malthas and quickly raised a fearsome army to threaten the world.

Avalon was a fairly powerful country at the time. Scholars and craftsmen used to travel from around the world to learn and trade in Avalon, and many later made it their home. However, Avalon was on the very opposite side of the continent as Malthas, and King Keldris and his advisors felt that by joining a war against the Warlord, he would be sending all of his troops and resources and the lives of his people into a bloody, costly, lengthy conflict that really – they reasoned – was unlikely ever to reach or actually affect Avalon itself. It would just be protecting a whole bunch of strangers they’d never see, half a continent away.

There were those who insisted that the correct and only option was to stand up to evil and fight. Not everyone agreed with the King when he announced that Avalon would stay out of the conflict.

King Keldris knew, however, the he would not be able to stay out of a long-lasting conflict like this simply by saying so. They needed a way to protect their land and their people, and to ensure that nothing bothered their borders. Therefore, a hasty and somewhat extreme plan was put into motion.

All of the most powerful mages in the Avalonian Guard were gathered together to perform an en extremely powerful magical ritual. Many dozens were called from all over the land. The energies required took all of the combined might of every single mage present. Using their merged magical forces, they created an impenetrable magical energy shield to protect the entire country from anything getting in – or out. But the mages did not even stop there. To prevent anything from even TRYING to break the shield, they used their magics to did into the very earth itself.

What happened next shook all of the lands to their very core. The mages ripped the entire country of Avalon out from the mainland and moved it out to sea, creating the new Island Nation of Avalon.

The act of ripping Avalon out of the very earth itself, turning it into an island nation, moving it out to sea, and then placing a powerful energy shield around it to protect it, ending up having a heavy price. Many of the mages used in the ritual spell did not survive it. The intense energies used proved to be too powerful for many of those assembled to handle. And the Head Magister, who had been the most powerful wizard in the land for many, many decades, had used his own body as a conduit for all of the combined power so that it did not burst out into the surrounding area as a massive explosion when the magical power was released. His entire body was burned out by the power, but it was a sacrifice he knew he would have to make for the spell to successfully control that level of sheer magical might.

Despite the tragic loss of wizards, isolation of their new home, and the damage done to the land during the seperation and shift, King Keldris and most of his noble court agreed it was a small price to pay compared to the price they would have paid in blood had they gone to war.


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