Avalon is a kingdom mainly comprised of humans, with a few half-elves and a scattering of other races as well. It used to be a part of the mainland continent of Emerill, but due to the Seperation it is now a large island off the southwestern coast of the mainland. It is also currently surrounded by an impenetrable magical shield, in order to protect it from the 15-Year War.

Avalon is ruled by King Keldris and his wife, Queen Sasha. They also have a son, Prince Kenthor.

The protection of the country is primarily handled by the Avalonian Guard, which is headed by Paulson, the Captain of the Avalonian Guard, and Geron, the Head Magister.

Avalon in the past had also been able to count on the services of the Paladins of Pelor and Bahamut to aid them in times of need, however now they are forced to rely on the Paladins of Erathis.

The capital city of Avalon is the Castle-Town of Farwood, named for just being able to barely see a large forest far in the distance.

The kingdom used to be a major center for the production, sale, and trade of all manner of goods and materials; however since becoming an island the influx of new material and skilled tradespeople has ground to a halt, leading to a decline in the quality of the high-end magic items produced within Avalon. The inability to import high-end goods such as weapons and armour has also led to their disappearance from most Avalonian markets.


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