Queen Sasha

Queen of Avalon


Queen Sasha is the wife of King Keldris, and the queen of the Kingdom of Avalon.

She often appears in the throne room beside her husband as a human with long, dark hair, and despite her age being close to the king’s, she still appears as a woman at least 10 years younger, as if she were only in her early 40’s.

Her temperament is very different from the king, as she is both very wise and very compassionate. She is patient and understanding, but rarely likes to get involved with the political court life. Most often she is in the background while her husband attends to the matters of state. Her compassion, however, has caused her to act up on other’s behalf before. It is said that she was the one who insisted that the Great Hospital be built in the capital city, and that she wept when the king was going to execute some army deserters. Sasha investigated into the circumstances of the desertion, and discovered that the two young men had only left to cut wood for their feeble frozen mother one winter, and only after their leave had been denied by superiors. Sasha’s words persuaded the king to spare their lives, and they were pardoned. Sasha’s wise compassion was praised by the people ever since.

Queen Sasha has had one son with King Keldris: Prince Kenthor. Sasha knows how much her husband wants him to become a great warrior, but she worries he is putting too much pressure on the boy. For her part, she raised her son to be polite and thoughtful, and feels his future’s journey is up to him.

Queen Sasha

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