King Keldris

King of Avalon


King Keldris is the king of the now-island country of Avalon.

He appears as a human with a full head of white hair, roughly 50-60 years of age, and often is seen in his throne room wearing a red robe, golden crown, and many jeweled rings on his fingers. Rumours say that every single one of them is magic, except for one. It is not commonly known what all of them do.

Keldris was known to be quite a hunter in his youth, and is a reknowned marksman. He has won many bowmanship contests in the mainland, at least before the war started anyway.

Anyone familliar with the court or political scene knows that Keldris can be a hard man, kind to those he cares for but unforgiving and stern otherwise. He is often tempered by the softer temperament of his wife, Queen Sasha. In spite of this, he is sometimes slow to act, and does not like to be rushed.

King Keldris has one son – Prince Kenthor – who he hopes will become a great warrior so that he can one day lead the nation of Avalon with strength and courage when his time comes.

King Keldris

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