Quest of the Nightfire Knights

Game 0.5

Mouse had just seen his sister Rose kidnapped and the guards summoned to apprehend him. His sister hold told him to run, and he had done just that. Out the window, on to the streets. The guards were right behind him, and he had to move fast.

Mouse heard a column of guards approaching, and decided to climb to a nearby rooftop. The guards were easily able to see him while he was exposed on the rooftop, and opened fire with their bows. 2 arrows hit Mouse, and 2 missed. Mouse fled for the open market.

Once at the market, he attempted to blend in with the crowd and successfully lost the guards. However he was still wounded, and decided to steal a mole skin cloak to hide his wounds and change his appearance. However he was caught while taking the item, and the guards were alerted. Mouse ran off with his new cloak, and attempted to lose the guards in the maze of the city streets. However his navigation sense were off as not only did he lose the guards, but he lost himself too. Before he could turn around, he realized he had run right into the headquarters of a nearby gang.

The gang revealed that a bounty had been placed on his head, and that they had every intention of collecting it. Mouse tried to distract him by invoking the name of a rival gang, but his mind was elsewhere as he used the name of a local travelling comedy group instead. The thugs advanced on him, and started beating him with clubs.

Mouse drew his two scimitars, and after some combat slew the three brutes without too much trouble. However this raised the ire of the gang’s leader, who came out to see what was going on. He blocked Mouse’s escape, drew a mace, and engaged Mouse in combat.

At first Mouse was in a bit of trouble, as the gang leader was much stronger then his lackeys. However Mouse quickly got into his groove, and in the end the gang leader had no chance and went down. Mouse used this opportunity to quietly finish sneaking out of the city without incident.

Drayken was being briefed about a new Black Hand mission. Apparently a local village had a church where people were going in but never coming out. The people now thought it was haunted, and wouldn’t go near it. Drayken’s mission was to investigate the church, find out what was taking the people, rescue them if he could, and most of all “end” the threat, whatever it may be… permanently.

Drayken travelled to the village, and decided to go straight to the church before questioning any townsfolk about the events. He walked around doing a careful examination of the church, and his keen eyes rewarded him by discovering that a tunnel had been dug by someone or something under the confessional booths. Drayken decended into the tunnel to confront whoever was in it. The dirt tunnel was very small, and eventually opened into a dirt cavern.

Moving forward to the only tunnel forward, Drayken felt his foot catch on something and was stabbed in the arm by a shooting dart trap. His skills could not detect any poison on the dart, but he decided to hold on to the dart anyway.

He heard some voices coming from up ahead, but could not make out what they were saying. Getting closer to the noise, he realized it was not speaking in Common, but instead was some type of hissing clicking language, possibly Draconic. As he rounded a bend, he was stabbed by a javelin, which had been thrown by two kobolds that blocked his path.

Drayken, with his bastard sword in hand, engaged the kobolds and after a bit of a tricky fight, was able to defeat both of them. He then continued forward, eventually coming to a steep dirt decent. Using all his skill, he was able to make it to the bottom without getting hurt and discovered a large door guarded by two more kobolds! Once again he charged into battle.

This battle, he discovered to his dismay, was much more difficult. Drayken had a hard time keeping up with the two kobold warriors. Luck just was not on Drayken’s side in this fight, and he found himself outmaneuvered by the trickly little lizardfolk. He was eventually able to slay one, but the other eluded his heavy blade time and time again. Sheer frustration and determination would not let him give up or retreat, and eventually after nearly falling he was able to kill the second kobold guarding the door.

After this, Drayken took a few minutes to catch his breath, as he knew he would be in no condition to fight whatever was on the other side of that door. However he felt that time was of the essence, and after 10 minutes of resting he decided to press on.

Smashing the door open (and apart into splinters) with his foot, Drayken found himself in a room filled with a misty smoke. He saw a bright red light in the distance, and pointed his sword at it and threatened it with its doom. The glowing red stone in the amulet did not respond, but the goblin holdin a wicked dagger did as he revealed a kidnapped young woman tied to an alter behind him and his intentions of “me sacrifice girl” so that “me become a god!”

After a very short fight, Drayken manage to wound the goblin to within an inch of his life. Realizing he was beat, and thinking only his ‘godhood’ powers could save him now, the goblin retreated to his sacrifice, who now became his hostage as he told Drayken that one wrong move, and the girl died.

Drayken was in a bind. His mission was to kill this goblin, and he wanted to make him pay for all the lives he had probably already taken in his delusional idea to become a god. But he couldn’t find a way to charge this goblin and attack him before he’d be able to kill the hostage. The dagger was VERY sharp and right next to her neck, she couldn’t get away, and he was 15 feet away. Various plans went through his mind in a split-second, such as hurling his sword at the beast. But the time it would take to perform any of these actions would be more then enough time for the goblin to flick his wrist and end the girl’s life.

Suddenly, out of nowhere from behind Drayken, a dagger sped by his ear and impaled itself inside of the goblin’s chest. The goblin cried out in pain, shocked at the turn of events, and cut his dagger into the girl’s neck deeply hoping to finally become a god and be saved from the dagger. At the same time, Drayken lept forward to try and stop the goblin, but by the time he got there it was already too late. Both of them were dead.

The taunting, mocking laughter of Drayken’s rival Roman was all he needed to set him into a rage of anger. He spun around and attempted to punch Roman in the face, but Roman was a little too quick and it only grazed him. Roman said that Drayken should be thanking him, as he had solved Drayken’s stalemate problem and ensured the mission would be completed. After that Roman disappeared back into the shadows, and Drayken grabbed the red glowing amulet the goblin was wearing and smashed it apart with his bastard sword. He then wrapped the girl up in his cloak, picked her up and brought her out of the dirt tunnels. The villagers watched him walk over to a graveyard, pick up a shovel, dig, and place her into an unmarked grave.

And So They Met
Game 1

Mouse awoke with a start in the dungeons of Avalon. He didn’t remember much of what happened at first, but then it came back to him. He had breached the magical shield protecting Avalon in a small boat. The dead body of a Paladin named Donaar had been with him. Mouse was taken into custoy to explain these circumstances, and while in the dungeon attempted to escape. The guards had knocked him out with a blow to the back of the head in order to subdue him.

Zee’arra was enjoying the day in the finely lavish home in which she was staying, when she was informed by a servant that a messenger from King Keldris had arrived for her. Zee’arra met with the messenger, who presented her with a royal scroll. The servent then ejected the messenger, knowing how Zee’arra valued her privacy. The scroll was a message requesting her services for an important quest, and bid her to come to the castle at once. Zee’arra, used to getting important missions from the kingdom of Avalon, headed out to see what was needed of her.

Drayken was walking down the corridors of the Black Hand headquarters in Avalon. He witnesses some new trainees practicing their combat skills, and one of the intructors asked that he leave so that the newbies not get distracted by a hunter with a reputation like his. Drayken was just about to leave when he was hit in the back. He spun around to see his rival, Roman, who taunted him for a moment before the fight was broken up by Father Malquio. Father Malquio informed Drayken that Sir Gregory Beck had a very impotant mission for him. When Drayken approached Sir Beck’s door, Beck was able to sense Drayken’s approach and bade him to enter. Sir Beck revealed that their intelligence had discovered King Keldris was sending an expediton to the mainland of Emerill in order to kill the Warlord. Drayken was told that he would be a part of this mission, as it was in the Black Hand’ interests to defeat such a powerful evil force. Black Hand forces were scattered and divided fighting the Warlord’s army, and thus should not be sought out or expected to lend aid, but woul assist in whatever way they could if encountered. Drayken accepted this mission and left immediately for the castle.

Mouse, resting in his cell, suddenly felt the ground start to shake. The shaking increased and for a few moments he was thrown around and nearly lost his balance. Then, suddenly, the shaking subsided. Mouse was told that a magistrate was being summoned and he would be able to plead his case soon.

Zee’arra arrived at the castle, where the guards recognized her and let her in. She was brought to the throne room instead of the usual military garrison meeting room where she received most of her missions, and thought this to be somewhat odd. King Keldris and a magistrate were waiting in the throne room, but she was told to sit down and wait for others.

Drayken arrived at the castle, where the guards stopped him at the gate. Geron of the Avalonian Guard arrived to confirm his identity and lead him to the throne room. Geron informed Drayken that he was aware that he was a Black Hand operative, and would base his impression of how he felt about the Black Hand based on Drayken’s performance.

Drayken was brought to the throne room, and encountered Zee’arra. Mouse was brought up to join them shortly thereafter. One of the guards escorting Mouse looked intrigued by the mysterious and alluring Zee’arra sitting in the corner, until the guard next to him whispered something into his ear. The guard then turned white and looked extremely nervous, never looking in Zee’arra’s direction again.

King Keldris welcomed everyone, and explained the situation. The magical shield protecting Avalon was weakening, and thus the issue of the Warlord and his army cannot be ignored any longer. Sending an army to the mainland would be to difficult and easy to stop, so a small strike force was being assembled to take out the Warlord himself. However the only one with knowledge of the mainland was an accused murderer: Mouse. The magistrate read the charges against Mouse, accusing him of murder, exploitation of Donaar’s good name, and being a spy from the Warlord’s army.

Mouse attempted to defend himself in front of those assembled. He explained that he only did what he did to honour his friend, Donaar, who had protected him, and that he wished for nothing more then to rescue his younger sister Rose from a corrupt noble. The King was dubious of his story, as it came from a wastrel of a boy who owned theives’ tools, attempted to escape from prison, and had no proof, but decided that the need of information about the mainland was too important and devised a test for Mouse to proove his worth and loyalty. Recent earthquakes had ruptured many underground caves, opening new tunnels to areas with long-forgotten monsters and dangers. These were seeping out and damaging the land and attacking the people. Furthermore, they suspected something unusual was causing the increase in earthquakes. King Keldris entrusted Zee’arra to evaluate Mouse’s usefulness at the end of the mission, and announced he would either let Mouse join their quest or throw him back into prison based on Zee’arra’s recommendation. The King also gave each one of them a magical item to aid them in their quest.

The group then left for the fissure that led to the underground cave and tunnel, with Zee’arra as their guide. The party started climbing down a path in the rock, with Drayken relying on brute force rather then grace. They reached the caves, Drayken lit a torch, and Zee’arra led the way to avoid certain dangers and not get lost, as she was familliar with the area due to her heritage. At last they finally reached the new cave opening.

To be continued…


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