Nightfire Knights

Welcome to a campaign of epic adventure. A world of mystery, magic, chaos and conflict. A world calling out to heroes to charge in and save them from an overwhelming, oppressive evil. But these heroes are, themselves, conflicted. In each burns the fire to achieve great good, but first they must conquer their own demons before they can conquer those of the world.

Some people are a beacon of light and justice. Others skulk in the shadows. Some know in their hearts just what it is they truly believe in. Some are still trying to find out, and may never really know themselves. Some value truth. Some think truth is the real lie. In may not matter as much what weapon is in your hand as it does what weapon is in your heart.

So journey forth, brave adventurer, into the lands. Lands that have been covered in war for over a decade. Will you turn the tide of the conflict? Brave adventurers indeed you must be, to even try. Steel yourself and draw thy courage from thine sheath, for if you cannot tame your own fear, you will never survive.

The main area of this site will be the wiki. It will have and be updated with all the info presented before and during the campaign.

Quest of the Nightfire Knights